I’m an Auckland-based artist who has a BFA From Elam School Of Fine Arts. Inspired by nature and Architecture, I'm an artist and landscape gardener by trade, combining my passion for both across two different industries.

With my art practice, I primarily portray my work in a sculptured form and have taken part in a number of sculptural exhibitions throughout New Zealand. These include; the No.8 Wire National Art Award, The Kaipara Coast Sculpture Trail and New Zealand Sculpture Onshore.

In 2020, with the aim of preserving the history of our New Zealand houses, I started working with recycled floorboards, weatherboards and other parts of old bungalows and villas that would otherwise end up as landfill. This ongoing series of work is titled, 'Living History.'

More recently, I have created a series of abstract and intuitive architectural drawings which symbolise both modern and historic buildings in New Zealand with a use of vibrant, eye-catching tones. Working with and preserving our historical homes here in New Zealand will forever be a project for me as an artist. Reusing, recycling, and reimagining how these materials can be used is something I'll always be passionate about.