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In New Zealand, we live on land owned once by Maori and in dwellings built by our ancestors. As New Zealanders, we have let our land and our environment down.

Trees are continually cut down and land is being cleared to make way for new housing. No real thought is given to the impact this will have on our environment. The distressed look of the window frame represents the age of our old buildings and how resilient they are.

The astroturf represents the moss build-up in derelict buildings. The totara bark has been used to show the contrast of how the tree once was in its natural environment. The vine of No.8 wire intertwined around, under, and through the window frame shows the strength and resilience of the material and represents that like in nature it can withstand the elements and take back ownership of how it once was.

This work was a finalist in the No.8 Wire National Art Award 

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