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“The Sky Scrapers”

The concept resembles a series of skyscraper-like structures created with reclaimed wood. The wood has been salvaged from demolished bungalows and villas throughout Auckland.

Skyscrapers really only exist in big cities to accommodate big populations, it’s considered a solution to a problem for those wanting to live in the heart of the city and are often cheaper than buying a house or land.

The irony here of “The Sky Scrapers” is they sit in nature, nestled in greenery and the wood blends back into its origin connecting with nature.

We live in a society that has become increasingly isolated and the Auckland city is becoming more condensed by the year. Are skyscrapers really a solution to population growth or do we need to get back to basics?

In a society where wealth is measured by the level an apartment is on, “being close to the city” and living in a mansion, people seem to want more and more when maybe the secret ingredient is less.


Currently on display at The Kaipara Coast Sculpture Trail

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